Our mission, vision and values


Support-Girona is an organization providing global and individualized support to persons with disabilities, with whom it has a legal link, promoting their social inclusion and Human Rights.

Our mission is to support persons with intellectual disabilities, psychosocial disabilities or elderly persons experiencing some type of disability due to the ageing process to achieve social inclusion and exercise their rights. Support-Girona is aligned with the principles from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The organisation works towards offering a personalised and
coordinated service, networking with professionals and organisations, to support persons with
disabilities exercise their right to make their own decisions. Support-Girona develops
supported decision-making mechanisms from a voluntary designation of an individual or
appointed directly by a court order.


Support-Girona aims to:

  • Be available to support every individual with a disability who needs it, overcoming the traditional model of care and promoting and respecting their autonomy on the basis of the Human Rights model.
  • Generate debate around social policy looking for models, alternatives and resources worldwide that increase quality of life of persons with disabilities and their Human Rights.
  • Increase professional knowledge and improve professional practice by creating strategic alliances and increasing networking activities.
  • Contribute to implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, structuring our actions and projects towards tangible outcomes and measurable impacts at a social and environmental level.


In order to achieve our mission, Support-Girona is committed with:

  • The Human Rights model and networking and transversal work
  • Supported decision-making and person-centred planning
  • Proximity action
  • Propositive and proactive approaches
  • Persistent focus
  • Individualised and person-led planning
  • Global and flexible intervention
  • Gender perspective
  • Community-based service development
  • Confidentiality and transparency