Key activities

  • Legal support for adult individuals with psychosocial disabilities, cognitive impairment and people with intellectual disabilities. SUPPORT provides adequate and effective safeguards to prevent abuses, according with a Human Rights approach, with maximum respect for the will and preferences of the individuals supported.
  • Defence, promotion and development of Human Rights. SUPPORT professionals assess the context and the situation of every individual on a per-case basis, provide guidance to their family and relatives, promote the improvement of the quality of life of each supported individual and encourage their effective and full participation to be included in the community.
  • Raise General Awareness, sensitise society and cooperate and collaborate with authorities and organisations in the public, private or third sector to improve support for people with disabilities.
  • Take legal actions in front of the competent courts of any jurisdiction, including the High Court of Justice of Catalonia, the Supreme Court and European and International Courts to defend the Human Rights of the individuals supported by the Foundation.
  • Assume the role of Support whether it is designated by law or by the individual itself, as well as exercise the rights and powers established by the legal system complying with the duties and safeguards established.
  • Develop projects or other related activities in order to accomplish SUPPORT’s goals.