Empowering Youth Individuals with fewer opportunities towards citizenship



EU-funding mechanism: Erasmus+ 2021 KA220-YOUTH

E-YOUTH aims to develop a cross-sectoral (health, social services, social environment, families, community mainstream services, NGOs…) and community-based intervention methodology for youth individuals with a disability based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and also trying to focus on upskill & reskill and enhance the competences of young workers or young professionals in the sector.


General Objectives

  1. Promote social inclusion of young persons with disabilities with complex needs and with fewer opportunities (NEETs) to ensure their Human Rights are respected.
  2. Contribute upon identity building and citizenship of persons at risk of exclusion by developing concrete actions to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights.

Specific Objectives

  1. Design and create a cross-sectoral and coproduced intervention methodology between health, social services and third sector organisations to develop community-based services.
  2. Upskill and reskill current professionals in the disability sector by mapping their current competences and developing evidence-based and rights-driven training packages.
  3. Develop resources to promote personal development, autonomy and resilience of young persons with complex needs and fewer opportunities to promote pathways of engagement with the system,


PR-WP1 Mapping Cross-Sectoral Skills & Competences of Young Workers

PR-WP2 Methodology for Community-Based Outreach Services for persons with fewer opportunities

PR-WP3 E-YOUTH Community Intervention Toolkit

PR-WP4 Pedagogical Guide and Training Resources

PR-WP5 Policy Recommendations