Network of Associations whom we contribute 

EASPD Member
since October 2015, European platform, non-profit NGO in the disability sector, promotes the views of over 15,000 social services and their umbrella associations by lobbying to European Institutions, recognised by United Nations and constantly working towards implementing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). Since june 2018, Support is a member of the Board of Directors of EASPD.

IGN Member: International Guardianship Network

International Guardianship Network, NGO and non-profit organization, aimed at providing support, information and networking to support service providers, courts and public authorities around the world and to implement the legal framework of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child of people with disabilities.

Regular meetings with the UDAF (Union Départementale des Associations Familiales) in southern France, specifically the French Region of Occitan, with which we share, since 2012, the differences and similarities between the legal and social systems of legal protection and social care for people with disabilities We share best practices towards adapting the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, support in the decision-making process and advocate for full inclusion into the community of the people we both support.

Main international projects

Supported Decision-Making using Digital, Literacy and Numeracy Skills – 2017-1-ES01-KA204-038185-

“I-Decide” is a European funded project that helps adults with intellectual disabilities develop the skills they need to make supported decisions by providing them with the right tools and trained support. This enables them to have more control over their lives and will help them to make important decisions in the areas of personal finance, healthcare and consumer rights.

Many people with intellectual disabilities enter adulthood with little capability in digital, literacy and numeracy skills. The I-DECIDE project partnership seeks to improve these skills to promote supported decision-making, fully respecting the wishes and preferences of the individual. “We make hundreds of decisions each day, everyone should be allowed and enabled to make those choices for themselves!”

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Towards Person Centered Housing Services in Europe – 2017-1-AT01-KA202-035029

Current trends in policy (for example, deinstitutionalization, community-based services, person-centred services and individual home-based care and support) have generated an increase in social housing demands. This scenario requires increasing the formation and training of professionals in the social housing sector and professionals exercising in community support services since they are facing more diverse scenarios and supporting individuals with more complex needs in comparison of an institutional care and assistance model. TOPHOUSE addresses this challenge by developing specialized training aimed at professionals to provide them with the necessary tools to improve their praxis and their competences. TopHouse is also a European funded project.

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From Guardianship to Supported Decision-Making of Persons with Disabilities – 2018-1-FR01-KA204-047834

AD-CHOISIR has the ambition to contribute to the dynamics of adapting professional practices of the social sector to the new Human Rights Approach established by the UNCRPD regarding the social inclusion of persons with disabilities, their rights and how services and professional practices must respect their will and preferences. AD-Choisir aims to establish a framework of reference for professionals and volunteers oh support services. AD-Choisir is a Eurpean funded project.

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